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veritas diaboli manet in aeternum


if youre a fandom blog please unfollow me because i think you are weirdos and gross


my goal is to look like an assassin who looks so good that you will thank me for killing you


being drunk at 3pm is so tight

i feel very guilty though bc i have promised a lot of people that i would hang out w them but i have not been feeling like it at all like i have been so depressed its horrible. then my friend was like “lets go shopping” and i was like yeah i’ll let you know tomorrow if i can and its been 12 hours and im still feeling it so i think i will 

i cant sleep bc im going shopping w a friend today and i am so excited to do something normal and social that i feel like it is christmas


Capricorns are known as the goats who climb mountains. Sadly, mountain tops are usually very lonely places. And when they reach the top, get admired and realize that’s not the place they wanted to be at, it’s usally too late. Capricorns seek connection, but they don’t know how to ask for it. Admiration is not affection, but it takes some time for them to realize.

i will die for makeup

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Coffin Grey Gravestone RIP