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veritas diaboli manet in aeternum

if you live in cincinnati and will buy me cigarettes i will do anything for you please

Fear City by Elliott Smith

will someone please tell me its okay

im trying to convince myself of reasons to live but the truth is everyone in my life would be so much better without me and i dont want to be alive

i wish someone would buy me cigarettes rn

no one would really miss me. i dont even remember the last time i did anything for someone else. i dont have anything to give

i really wish someone could help me i really wish i wasnt all alone. disconnect


capricorns generally loathe the invasion of their privacy and like their alone time to be respected. they usually tire themselves out so much in the day that socialising is the last thing on their mind by night

im so sick of having this illness. i dont think anyone understands borderline unless they have it iam all alone why not kill myself. nothing to live for anyway

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Coffin Grey Gravestone RIP