veritas diaboli manet in aeternum

everything has gone to shit everything has always been shit and if there were a future then it would be shit too

tbh the only thing im competent at is self destructing passively, obliviously, and recklessly

wow i have nvr seen my dad so ripped. he was like…….blazed into another dimension, he like kept forgetting to shift gears and almost drove into the median like five times going 80 in a 65

oh god…….. oh no… this day is about to start………oh my god….. i really want to kiss someone rn………  i really want to go shopping and spend all my money rn……. i ve been online shopping since abt four but i havent bought anything…..i will be at school in less than 2 hrs fml

im trying to hypnotize ari and get him to claw my eyes out and murder me before six am but he just yawned and squeaked and rolled over :\

this nite is going SO SLO oh my ggggooooooddd it is only 4:26 i dont even have to be up for another hour and a half but i swear thisnite has been longer than usual. im so bored and so tired and soooo dont want to go to school :||||||||||||||||

Аноним asked : Do you have any weird fetishse

my only fetish is decapitation, i like to cut off ppls heads and put them on poles and then stick them in my back yard :]

i should have just let myself bleed out last night

yeah im not getting up today

i cant move and theres puke and blood on my bed and i dont know what happened last night. i dont know

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