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veritas diaboli manet in aeternum

i am seeing my mom for the first time since march/since she got out of rehab tomorrow and i am so anxious ive thrown up twice

im so depressed ive been debating getting out of bed to get my paycheck for over an hour but the thought of a ten minute walk and two minute social interaction makes me want to slit my wrists


people with borderline personality disorder are cool + good + deserving of love pass it on


*wakes up*

"ah fuck i look gross today"

*does a pushup*

"yeah id fuck me"

if you live in cincinnati and will buy me cigarettes i will do anything for you please

Fear City by Elliott Smith
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will someone please tell me its okay

im trying to convince myself of reasons to live but the truth is everyone in my life would be so much better without me and i dont want to be alive

i wish someone would buy me cigarettes rn

no one would really miss me. i dont even remember the last time i did anything for someone else. i dont have anything to give

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Coffin Grey Gravestone RIP